Saturday, 23 June 2012

Betting On Love - PRINT

I am not sure if I already said so, but Betting On Love is now out in PRINT!
Accepting a bet to seduce any guy his friend chooses puts Zach McKinney in the path of Len Marshall. Smitten immediately, Zach forgets about the bet and falls in love until Len's past catches up with them, putting them both in danger.
For Len Marshall, meeting Zach was akin to destiny. It not only brought love into his life, but made him feel like he has a home. The new relationship, though, is overshadowed by a past blocked from Len's memory and by individuals who want to make sure those memories stay buried. Can love built on shadows pass the test of time? Or will their happiness be destroyed again by men who took Len's life away years ago?

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