Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review for Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow has a review!

Don Bradshaw from heartsonfirereviews (HERE) has kindly review my book. He gave it 5 HEARTS. The review is currently only on my goodreads page so the link to the review will lead there. Once it is posted on the heartsonfirereviews website, I will post this link too. Goodreads links is HERE.

And here is the review:

What an excellent beginning to what I'm hoping will be a great fantasy series. Great world building and a well written, captivating story. Aidan grew up fairly sheltered living with his semi-kooky mother who named him after a powerful sorcerer. He was happily working at a small tavern and living with a sorcerer friend when all of a sudden a cat starts talking to him. The cat, Belze, keeps telling Aidan that he needs to get laid which was no news to him. That night after work Aidan does get his itch scratched and also finds out that according to prophecy that he is indeed the long lost sorcerer but is a warlock in this incarnation. The prophecy also states that King James, Aidan's trick, can only bring prosperity and unity to the lands if Aidan is by his side. Totally blown away by all this, Aidan begins his journey to the capital with James and Belze by his side. This story is totally driven by the character's personalities and interactions. Ms May did a wonderful job of creating and fleshing out all of the characters. Belze is funny with her cheeky attitude as Aidan's familiar. The story moved along very smoothly and kept my interest until the very last page. Watching Aidan slowly grow into his powers and love for King James was most of the story. The ending left me waiting hungrily for the next installment of this promising new series. I recommend this fun read to anyone who enjoys a good escape fantasy.

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