Saturday, 7 July 2012

Out of the (Werewolf) Closet

Out of the (Werewolf) Closet, book 3 in the Watchtower Series, is now available for per-order (HERE).

Waking up collared to his worst enemy wasn't the most horrific thing that happened to Rick: waking up to an impending forced marriage was. And as if this wasn't bad enough, he couldn't deny that underneath all the anger, he was actually attracted to Tom, King of bloody everything and enemy to his people since the dawn of days.And yet, Tom's bumbling efforts to get closer to him, his puppy dog eyes and surprising honesty are slowly winning him over. But travelling to the cursed land where no one outside Tom's Clan had set foot on in centuries was only the start of their adventure.
Betrayal from within and his promise to Aidan to investigate the ancient magic of the Watchtowers, make Rick's life more than just interesting but even in his wildest dreams, he couldn't have anticipated where his search would lead him.
CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains elements of dubious consent.

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