Friday, 22 June 2012

Manga and Romance Blog Hop


I've joined the Manga and Romance blog hop. We are here to talk about romance and YAOI.

Hayley B James has a great post explaining what YAOI is. You can find this brilliant post HERE.

Personally, joined up through the male/male romance side of things. I might've heard about Manga and YAOI when I was a teenager but it never went further than being aware it existed. Back then, to my shame, I wasn't all that interested in romance of any kind.

What draws you to romance in general? And to male/male romance? To YAOI? What did you start out with and why?

There are so many different reasons why people get involved, why people start reading certain books...and I am always curious to figure out the reason behind it.

So what's your take on romance and YAOI? Let's talk about this and get to know one another!

There's also an extra incentive to start commenting/talking about it. For every comment entered, you will be entered into a GRAND PRICE DRAW. One comment per blog will be considered and please remember to clearly leave your E-mail address so that you can be contacted. You can find the list of participating authors/blogs HERE.

So go forth an blog!

Now, to spice things up, I will also do a little challenge of my own. If you comment below (with the same rules: one comment - one entry and please leave your E-mail address), you will be entered into a draw. The lucky winner will be able to choose between the E-books I currently have up for sale. You can also pick one of the upcoming books but then, of course, you'd have to wait until they are released.

Also, if any YAOI author wants to do a book swap, let me know! I haven't actually read much of YAOI so I am up for a new experience!


  1. I am new to manga too and would love to try reading some, I already love mm so I don't see how I wouldn't like yaoi :)

  2. I accidentally stumbled on yaoi at 13 I think. I loved it ever since. Obviously, you are not really supposed to be reading it at that age--they have the advisories and all that--but I loved it. As for romance in general, it will likely never happen but that is what books are for. I will likely never encounter a talking cat named Belze so I read about it instead . My love life is pathetic and so lifeless. That is why I love to read about those that do have lives. Fantastic romance stories take me, yes, "over the rainbow". Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to more in the Watchtower universe!!