Saturday, 23 June 2012

FB Chat over at Silver Publishing

I will be over on the Silver facebook site at around 3 pm UK time for a few hours. Stop by if you would like to chat! HERE.
And Over The Moon, the second book in the Watchtower Series is also out today. HERE.

Over The Moon takes Aidan and King James on a journey not only to distance shores, but off planet, opening up a whole new world for them with new, unimaginable dangers threatening not only their home but their entire world.
When Aidan discovered the ancient Watchtower, his discovery ignited a race against time to have them restored before the first tower's dire warnings come true. There is an enemy lurking in the distant shadows, and only the long forgotten protection of the towers can save them all.
But will he be able to unravel the mystery in time? Will the first meeting between King James and Prince Alric go off without a hitch, or will they also have to deal with strife on their home shores?
And why does Aidan keep stumbling over moon references? The moon is nothing but a distant rock in the sky. Surely there are no means of getting there, right?

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