Saturday, 25 February 2012

Watchtower Series

The original plan for the Watchtower Series was like this:

Over the Rainbow - Aidan's and James' story

Over the Moon - more of Aidan and James and the vows of being king and having a warlock with a talent for fire (read: chaos) at his side

Out of the (Werewolf) Closet - takes a de-tour, telling the story of Prince Alric (Rick) and King Tom (King of bloody everything) and the cursed lands

- brings us to the lands made out of ice, ends the story line which was started in Over the Rainbow, doors close and new ones open. Aidan and James again with a dash of Vivian and Raphael

Siren Song
- the enemy we have been waiting for (hinted at) finally appears, or does he? Not everything is how it seems and by moving on Raphael finds Darren (or Darren finds him and doesn't let go) and new, exciting doors are opened which can never be closed again.

Siren Song was supposed to be the end but after writing it, it turns out there are at least two more stories here which need to be told:

Dragon's Breath - unnamed dragon (as of yet) and Richard, one of Raphael's knights and chosen elite guard to King James.

Winter's Child - guess the names tells it all...this story will be cold *shivers*

LOL *laughing like a loon*

Have you ever had a plot bunny which just took over and never went away? Well, this series seemes to be this plot bunny and I am so terribly nervous about the first booking being published. So terribly nervous.

And here is another teaser: Belze. The cat who started it all by daring Aidan to have sex with James. Meet my favourite feline!

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