Sunday, 19 February 2012


From my sale's report, I know I have hardly any purchases of my books from Amazon and the Kindle but hey, I thought to share this anyway. I found this over at RJ's blog (HERE) and it is excellent information, so I thought I'd share it here too...just in case.

I am sure the same method would work for other books published by different publishers and not just for Silver but I haven't tried it myself because me and the Kindle had some difficulties which we didn't manage to overcome (LOL). So here it goes:


Find your Kindle e-mail address

Go to Amazon and log in
Find Kindle in the left hand menus
Then find 'Manage my Kindle'
Click on 'Manage Your Devices'

The email address you need is under the 'Send to Kindle Email Address'

Make a note of this address


Add Silver to your list of approved email senders

Remaining logged in to Amazon...
Click on 'Personal Document Settings'
Scroll to the list of approved Email addresses
Add the following to the list:

Then press *Add Address*


Add your Kindle address to Silver Publishing

Log in to your Silver account

Click on 'My Account'

Click on 'My Account Info'

Type in your Kindle address that you found above
(this example is my old kindle address)

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