Saturday, 18 February 2012

Watchtower Series

I am still writing Siren Song, book 5 in my WT series and I still need to actually write book 4. Anyone ever heard of doing things in order?

Anyway, I am so nervous about this series being published because it is very dear to me. VERY DEAR and of course I am afraid people won't like. It is a curious mix between fantasy, scifi and taking things too literal...I've had fun with it, smiling like a loon while writing it and I can only hope it will be received well. :)

I know it is too early to plan anymore but honestly, Over The Raindow, book 1, was supposed to be 1 book only and look this spiraled out of control into 5 books so far. I thought Siren Song was going to be the end but as I am writing it, I had this brilliant idea of spinning the series off.

So there could be the Watchtower Series, ending with book 5 and then there could be the spin off series, I am tentatively calling Kinghts of the Realm Series or Knights series...I think I am getting ahead of myself here which brings me right back to my fear. WHAT IF PEOPLE DONT LIKE IT! *wibble*

(Meet Darren, featured in Out of the (Werewolf) Closet, book 3 and Siren Song, book 5 which will be his story and the story of his mate)

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