Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Love For Hire

I know this book got a lot of negative feedback and most of it was actaully good negative feedback because, as much as it pains me, the comments weren't wrong.

Part of the problem was that the story follows a bigger story arc but only the 1st, very small part, was published in Love For Hire and since (obviously) people don't have crystal balls to devine my plan, the story on its own didn't quite work.

I've learned from this mistake since then. The story was one of my early works anyway and as you can tell, Betting On Love, is much better because it was written later after I learned a few more things.

The point of this post is that while I appreciate all the negative feedback, I am wondering if anyone actually liked it? It is human to only comment with negative thoughts (I am the same, I rarely give praise which I guess I should change) but I am wondering two things:

Did anyone like it?
Would I be better off letting the contract for Love For Hire expire and then re-write the entire story into one, larger book and see about publishing it again in a few years time?
Or should I work on the rest of it now?

I am leaning towards letting the contract expire because I kind of think, re-doing it like it had been in my head in the first place might be the way to go.

So if you're reading this and got an opinion, care to share? Thanks!

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