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Friday, 20 January 2012

Watchtower Series: List of hunky men, women and cats featured!

Watchtower Series List of featured men, women and cats (yes, cats):

Warlock to the King, one of a kind with equal attitude.

Dark haired, blue eyed and too pretty for his own good, he is always one step away from distaster.


Aidan's (not so) faithful familiar who is always up to mischief and generally speaking a very snobby cat. Sleek black fur, small statue with the attitude to make up for being so tiny, she is always one step ahead of everyone else - at least she'd like to think so.


High King, united the Lands at the age of 17, brining peace and prosperty to everyone. The Golden Legend foretold the arrival of his sorcerer and when the legend didn't come to pass, he took it upon himself to locate his missing partner. Instead of a sorcerer he found Aidan, the first warlock born in centuries and a lot more trouble than he woud've ever imagined possible.

Blond, blue eyed and generally falling into any releated stereotype, he isn't one to push over easily - unless Aidan is involved.


Messy brown hair, molten chocolate-brown eyes with skin tanned from prolonged sun-exposure. He oozes darkness and strength and is James' best friend since childhood. Betrothed to Vivian who is...well, you'll just have to read to find that one out!


Blond, blue eyed, every inch a Queen with more regal bearing than is good for any woman but with a heart of gold.

Good friend to James, engaged to Raphael but not everything is quite this easy!



Silver hair with dark strands running through them, eyes as dark as the night. His face is ageless, hiding his true age and if you want to know more, then stay tuned!


Alric (call me Rick):

Prince of Lantea, soon to be married to...*cough*, you'll have to read to find that one out! Strong Fey blood: pale skin, even more pale blue eyes and dark hair with Fey characteristic red streaks running through it. Quiet waters run deep and this saying is definitly true for him!


Tom (Tomas):
King of Allin and royal asshole according to more than one person. Honey-brown eyes, dark brown hair and freckles on pale skin, driving a certain someone nuts (have you ever tried to count every single freckle on your lover's skin?)


Now whose story will be told in which book?


Will there be more? Who knows? *shrug* I only planned for the first book and then it all sort of got out of control so at this stage, I am not giving any predictions about anything!

Once I have the covers for the stories and pictures of the guys (and one woman), I will update this list (possibly even amend it). So stay tuned!

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