Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Problem maybe fixed!

This was quick! Thanks to RJ Scott for her awesome and quick help, I installed / downloaded something and after testing, I think commenting should be easy now!

In case anyone actually wants to comment...LOL...

Notice: unable to comment on my posts

It has come to my attention that there is some difficulty in actually replying to anything I post.

Now I am not sure how many people actually tried to comment because my blog doesn't get my traffic yet (here is to hopeing!) but if you did try, here is what you need to do until I figure out how to fix it:

In the drop down menu, select posting name/url and you can manually enter the name and then just ignore url.

Google ID also works (tried it just now).

And the good old anonymous works too!

I am hoping to have it fixed soon so open ID and LJ ID will work. Sorry about that!

Monday, 30 January 2012


I guess we all have ideas about angels and what they should be like. Famous stories about angel and demons are out there and with many movies and TV shows featuring similar topics, it isn't as new as it might've been years ago.

I bring this up because one of my upcoming books is about a fallen angel and how he falls in love and deals with many other issues including how to be human...

Anyone care to guess what issues my hero would come across with being human? (hint: you can get an idea in my upcoming books section!)

Friday, 27 January 2012

What's to come...

Since I promised I would be a bit more active on my blog, here's what's going to come:

Over the next few weeks / months, I am going to keep talking about my upcoming books, revealing some bits and pieces and generally just talking about them...

I will also be sharing info on what else is going on and I guess, here is me hoping this will all work out!

And can anyone guess why I have put an image up of angel wings? Hm?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Updates to my website

I've added some more images to my website, mostly to the Watchtower Series part in the upcoming book section.


Watchtower Series, book 1: Over The Rainbow

I've decided to post randomly over the next months...bits and pieces of my upcoming books including stuff about projects that I am working on.

So for today, my own personal favourite series so far: Watchtower Series with the adorable cat Belze, Aidan - the reluctant warlock and James - High King and just too pretty for his own good with really, really terrible ideas about phrophecy and how to avoid certain doom.

Seriously...the guy would actually deserve if everything were to fall into hell all around him because his idea to keep everyone save and avoid a certain doomsday prophecy was to...uhm...I probably shouldn't say, right? Can't give away all of the plot before hand but needless to say, the idea comes back to bite him in the ass! *evil grin*

Anyway, here is a blurb:
(not yet offically edited so all mine):

Missing: Prophesized warlock to the King. Has anyone seen him? Please contact your nearest guard station if you do find him.

Aidan never knew he could do magic until a cat dared him to have sex. His life truly must be tragic if even felines knew he was too pathetic to find someone to share his bed with. Unfortunately for him, the cat turned out to be his familiar leading him not only to his First Time but also to King James who in turn refuses to let Aidan slip through his fingers again.

For there is a prophecy: James can only truly unit the lands and bring prosperity to all if he has his trusted warlock by his side. Roping Aidan into coming home with him wasn’t the happily ever after everyone had expected. Instead, it set in motion a chain of events which would lead both Aidan and James further away from home than they could have ever imagined.

Where dreams come true and things are taken quite literally!

(Foto purchased through istockphoto)

Silver Publishing: NEWS

Silver Publishing introduces a VIP Loyalty Program to select customers starting on February 1st, 2012.

Did you know you can get all of your favourite authors books sent direct to your kindle or othe reading devices from Silver?

I received this news from Silver about a new loyalty programme that Silver are offering from 1 February... Some of you buy so many books I reckon you'll be way up the list! Apparently when it goes live and you sign in you will see what level you are at.

"As a show of appreciation for your commitment to purchase directly from Silver, we are now offering a three tier VIP program to customers. Membership into this program is by invitation only and is based exclusively on your purchasing dedication on the Silver website.

Platinum Members:15% Discount on ALL purchases
On your birthday, Platinum members receive 5 free books.
Platinum members receive their pre-ordered books 36 hours before its official release date
100 Reward Points every December

Gold Members:
10% Discount on ALL purchases
On your birthday, Gold members receive 2 free books.
Members receive their pre-ordered books 12 hours before its official release date
50 Reward Points every December

Silver Members:
5% Discount on ALL purchases
On your birthday, Silver members receive 1 free book.
Members receive their pre-ordered books 6 hours before its official release date
25 Reward Points every December

Additional perks to all tiers:
Special Contest for members only throughout the year
Exclusive discount coupons throughout the year.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Watchtower Series: List of hunky men, women and cats featured!

Watchtower Series List of featured men, women and cats (yes, cats):

Warlock to the King, one of a kind with equal attitude.

Dark haired, blue eyed and too pretty for his own good, he is always one step away from distaster.


Aidan's (not so) faithful familiar who is always up to mischief and generally speaking a very snobby cat. Sleek black fur, small statue with the attitude to make up for being so tiny, she is always one step ahead of everyone else - at least she'd like to think so.


High King, united the Lands at the age of 17, brining peace and prosperty to everyone. The Golden Legend foretold the arrival of his sorcerer and when the legend didn't come to pass, he took it upon himself to locate his missing partner. Instead of a sorcerer he found Aidan, the first warlock born in centuries and a lot more trouble than he woud've ever imagined possible.

Blond, blue eyed and generally falling into any releated stereotype, he isn't one to push over easily - unless Aidan is involved.


Messy brown hair, molten chocolate-brown eyes with skin tanned from prolonged sun-exposure. He oozes darkness and strength and is James' best friend since childhood. Betrothed to Vivian who is...well, you'll just have to read to find that one out!


Blond, blue eyed, every inch a Queen with more regal bearing than is good for any woman but with a heart of gold.

Good friend to James, engaged to Raphael but not everything is quite this easy!



Silver hair with dark strands running through them, eyes as dark as the night. His face is ageless, hiding his true age and if you want to know more, then stay tuned!


Alric (call me Rick):

Prince of Lantea, soon to be married to...*cough*, you'll have to read to find that one out! Strong Fey blood: pale skin, even more pale blue eyes and dark hair with Fey characteristic red streaks running through it. Quiet waters run deep and this saying is definitly true for him!


Tom (Tomas):
King of Allin and royal asshole according to more than one person. Honey-brown eyes, dark brown hair and freckles on pale skin, driving a certain someone nuts (have you ever tried to count every single freckle on your lover's skin?)


Now whose story will be told in which book?


Will there be more? Who knows? *shrug* I only planned for the first book and then it all sort of got out of control so at this stage, I am not giving any predictions about anything!

Once I have the covers for the stories and pictures of the guys (and one woman), I will update this list (possibly even amend it). So stay tuned!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Review for Stay The Night by Scarlett Parrish

Stay The NightStay The Night by Scarlett Parrish

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved it. Probably because I can be a total grump too but there was something about Kit which totally drew me in.

The drama queen in me hoped there was more to him and his issues...because that is one part I wasn't too happy with...that there wasn't a real explanation or an attempt at least as to why he is the way he is...I thought there were hints of something in his past which made him this way, unable to connect and I would've expcected this to be adressed but hey, maybe I was overeaching...

I loved the book. Kit was adorable and he and Steven had real chemistry which nearly jumped off the pages. It wasn't only a joy to read but a total must and I will most certainly read it over and over again for pleasure and for laughts...

Thanks so much for writing this! :)

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Saturday, 14 January 2012


My blog isn't a very happening place at the moment and while talking to myself does sound scarily appealing, I hope in 2012, I will get a few more people to follow me.

Hm...that sounds quite wrong somehow...LOL...

Anyway, what I want for 2012 is to be more active, make this blog a happening place and hopefully by talking to myself, people will start to follow.

I also want to host challenges and give aways but of course, there is no point in me doing this unless I get some more people to follow...sounds like a catch 22, doesn't it?

Anyway, *silence echoes around the room* I am talking to myself...blablalblalbla...

Friday, 6 January 2012

Betting on Love

Betting on Love

Betting On Love - Review

I have got another review for Betting On Love (fallenangelreview).

You can either read it at the source (HERE) or:

Betting on Love

Betting on Love by Anna Marie May is the first book in the Betting on Love series.

Zach couldn't believe that he allowed his best friend Rick to talk him into a bet that he could seduce any guy of his choice, or that he'd be attracted to Len, his target. Len just arrived in town and can't believe Jordan, the bar owner, not only offers him a job as a mechanic, but also the room over the bar to live. Len's life hasn't taught him to trust, from first living with his guardian, then a series of foster homes after he woke up in a hospital with no memory of the first nine years of his life. Len sees the most attractive man in his life, Zach, and knows that the night is going to be lucky for him. Neither Len or Zach expected to have their minds blown away from the experience, or to wake up together like it was the most natural thing in the world. Zach invites Len to go riding with him and he seems to take to riding as if it's second nature to him. They run into his mother, Karen, who can't believe he brought a stranger riding with him and is convinced that she's met Len before, but that isn't impossible, is it? Will Len and Zach find common ground in spite of the drastic differences in their live? Is Len ever going to uncover his past?

I was intrigued and stunned by the plot twist in this story, as I never expected it. As Len's story unfolded, I was inspired by his strength to move beyond the trials of his childhood and on to building a life for himself. Zach never knew what hit him after meeting Len for the first time, but to his credit, he never looked back or questioned his feelings. It has to be a parent's worst nightmare to have a child abducted and one that luckily, I've never had to live through, but Karen's determination to help her friend Louisa find her son was stirring. It was remarkable how Len and Zach seemed to know things about each other that one normally wouldn't know about a stranger, making me wonder if there's more yet to be uncovered. This is one story that I will never forget!

Reviewed by: Teresa