Friday, 30 November 2012

Chat on 1 December...

I will be in the forum on 1 Dec for the Year-End-Splash party hosted by allromance reviews.
I will be in the forum (LINK HERE). Feel free to drop by at any time. The chat isn't live, so you can leave a comment and I will reply throughout the day. Hope to see you there! Anna

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Blog Hop - Christmas Spirit

I am participating in tihs years's blog hop hosted by the lovely RJ Scott (details of all participants are at the bottom). CHRISTMAS SPIRIT I think for most people Christmas is a festival about love, celebrating family. With family I also mean close friends, not just 'family' through blood. To me, Christmas is about seeing loved ones, spending time with them and enjoying a good meal (or two followed by an overdose of home baked cookies).
What does Christmas mean for you? Do you have any good memories you might want to share? For me, one of my earliest memories is trying to climb the window to our living room from the that I could try and sneak a peak into the room. I seriously wanted to try and spot Santa (well, we call him Christkindl but anyway). I wanted to see my presents arrive. Of course my Dad was on to me, put the blinds down and that was that. Even lurking around the bathroom during the night, to catch Santa in the act didn't produce any results (obviously. LOL). I also take a moment during this time of the year to think about what I am thankful for. If I can, I always try to light a candle in church too. Now, to the giveway (or early Christmas present, this is how I like to think about it). All you need to do to enter the draw is comment below. Please remember to leave me with your E-mail address so that I can actually contact you afterwards.
I am offering a free e-book for either one of the published titles in my Watchtower Series (see the beautifl cover pages to the left). Or a free copy of one of my contemporary stories: Betting On Love or Darkest Hour.
So there's quite a lot of choice for one winner!
So Merry Christmas (in advance) to everyone. May you have good times and lots of laughs. Thank you for your support and for stopping by! Anna

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Q&A on the roomancereview website TODAY!

My Q&A (with a chance for a win!) is live today on the Romance Reviews website!

My question is question number 9. The link is HERE. Go have a look!

RJ Scott Blog hop for Christmas!

I am participating in the Christmas blog hop hosted by the lovely RJ Scott. More details will go live either on 30 November or 1 December. So stay tuned! Oh, and if you aren't hooked yet, I will also be giving a price away! See you soon (I hope!) (Details on blog hop will also go live on the date of posting with liks to other blogs etc...)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Watchtower Series - back this weekend

The Watchtower Series will be back up for purchase this weekend.

So if you are looking for a copy, you won't have to wait for much longer! More coming soon!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sherrilyn Kenyon: Cloak & Silence, upcoming book

I don't know if you guys are reading the League Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, but if you are not, WHY NOT?

Anyway, you should! And on 15 December, Maris and Ture's story will be told. I've always adored Maris. He's such a conflicted character! And Ture? I only caught glimpses of him, but he was very intriguing!

And yes, this will be her first m/m romance! I CAN'T WAIT!

If you don't believe me, plus to check out awesome pics of her characters, go HERE.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Watchtower Series

Watchtower Series - temporarily taken down

But don't worry, the series will be back shortly with new purchase links including all titles.

This includes:

Over the Rainbow
Over the Moon
Out of the (Werewolf) Closet
Siren Song

I will keep you updated once everything is back - watch this space!