Thursday, 3 May 2012

Being Human - 05 May 2012, available for pre-order!

Love is never simple, especially between an angel forced from Heaven, a Guardian of Earth, and the Devil. The forces of Heaven and Hell are rising, but all Kai can think about is the human who owns his heart.

Love's the key to salvation.

Or is it? If Kai hadn't once loved Lucifer, he might not have started down the path towards Armageddon. Nor would he have met Alex, a Guardian from an ancient blood line who now holds to the key to his heart.

As the forces of Heaven and Hell rise, Lucifer returns with an old prophecy and a legacy that could mean their salvation. But life is never this simple. Amidst new terrors rising from the shadows, and old family secrets being revealed, will the blossoming love between Kai and Alex stand the test of time? Or will it fall victim to the darkness slowly rising around them?

Only time will tell if love truly conquers all…

Release Date: 05 May 2012
You can pre-order now and get it the moment it is released by following this link - HERE.

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