Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Q&A with Kai (Being Human)

Being Human is now out with SILVER (purchase link HERE).

Love is never simple, especially between an angel forced from Heaven, a Guardian of Earth, and the Devil. The forces of Heaven and Hell are rising, but all Kai can think about is the human who owns his heart.

Interviewer: What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Alex?

Kai: Idiot? (He laughs before he continues) No, seriously...I don't know. Thinking of Alex always makes me (there is a pause where the fallen angel looks shifty before he makes eye contact again) I don't think I can say that out loud.

Interviewer: What about Lucifer then? Rumor has it, you two were an item once...is there any truth to it?

Kai: Errr...can we talk about something else, please?

Interviewer: Of course...how about you tell me then about your fall from Heaven. What was it like?

Kai (sighs, looks put upon): It wasn't pleasant. I was meant to die after all...it's a miracle I survived...

Interviewer: Right...how do you find being human then?

Kai: Interesting. There's definitely more to it than I thought.

Interviewer: Because of Alex?

Kai: I think there's a human expression for your state of mind. (Kai laughs) I believe, you call it one track mind?

Interviewer (looks sheepish, slightly flushed but isn't denying it): How is being with Alex, who isn't just an ordinary human, working out for you? Did you find the adjustment hard? You went from being a powerful being to...to being human...this aught to give you some pause, right?

Kai (shrugging): Sure. Thankfully though there wasn't much time for me to feel sorry for myself. Events kind of spiraled out of control...it helped. And now, I might still sometimes catch myself trying to draw power but most of the times, I'm fine. Glad to be alive, you know?

Interviewer: Thanks for coming in. It was a pleasure talking to you. Hope we can do it again some time soon.

Kai: Sure...sure...the pleasure was all mine. (then he smiles)

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