Monday, 7 May 2012

Being Human - Review

Being Human was reviewed by Pixie and received 4 STARS. You can view the review HERE.

Review: Kai is rescued by Lucifer just before the last of his grace is stripped from him. Why he was attacked, he isn’t quite sure, but now he is mainly human and as a prophecy begins he is drawn towards Alex, the human who bond them. Alex is a Guardian and he is attracted to the angel, Kai. Before Kai was out of reach, but now with Kai being human he is within Alex’s reach. But, he has been burnt in the past and with a new threat rising, he fights the attraction.

I really enjoyed this story of Heaven, Earth and Hell and the prophecy that brings them all together. Kai and the human, Alex, have somehow managed to accidentally bond and it has far-reaching consequences. When Lucifer rescues Kai from death and gives him hints as to what is happening it sets Kai on a path with Alex and the beginnings of the Threefold war. Alex is determined that Kai is not for him, but when Kai disappears it is Kai that makes him realize that nothing is forever.

When I came across Alex, my first impression was that he was a bit of a twink, but he proved to be nothing of the sort. Kai is the gentler sort, as he is a scholar, but he shows his mettle when it is needed most. The relationship between them isn’t easy, because even though Kai wouldn’t mind giving it a try, Alex is wary of a relationship. Lucifer hovers on the outskirts at first, as he had something going with Kai before he was banished.

I enjoyed the storyline and the twist of the Prince of Light and the Prince of Darkness was great and Kai and Alex have a couple of clashes, but figure out their relationship in the end. They are also hot together, although I did hope Kai would punish Alex for being an idiot (at least a little bit). This really is a really interesting storyline of how an adversary has played Heaven, Hell and the Earthly realm to begin a war that was prophesized thousands of years before. I am really looking forward to the next story in the series.
I will have to recommend this one to those who love angels, fallen angels, prophecies, hot sex, danger, stubborn men and a great ending.

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