Friday, 13 April 2012

Being Human - available for pre-order!

Being Human is now out for pre-order! (Em...who knew?) Here is what it is all about:

Being (almost) human after his forced fall from heaven isn't quite turning out how Kai had pictured it. Still, there are perks. Like seeing Alex naked and for the first time, being able to appreciate his friend's fine body.

But his newly found attraction is honestly the least of Kai's worries. There is Lucifer, an old friend, who is free for the first time in Millennia and out to get reacquainted. And on top of everything, the world is about to spiral out of control with the forces of good clashing with evil. But here's the tricky thing: how do you decide what is truly evil?

Ancient prophecies, cryptic archangels and really, is it any wonder Kai feels totally overwhelmed by the simple task of making a sandwich?

Can the newly formed love between Kai and Alex really conquer all? Or will their feelings doom not only them but the rest of the world along with them…

And the pre-order / purchase link is HERE!

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