Friday, 6 April 2012

Being Human

Being Human is going to be released by Silver on 14 April. This story focused on Kai, a fallen angel with secrets hidden in his past which, quite literally, are coming back to haunt him.

I've got two new blurbs, a short one and a long one, and I thought I'd share:

Love is never simple, especially between an angel forced from Heaven, a Guardian of Earth, and the Devil. The forces of Heaven and Hell are rising, but all Kai can think about is the human who owns his heart.

Love is the key to everything.

If Kai hadn't once had a lover named Lucifer, then he might not have started down the path towards Armageddon. He also might not have met Alex, a Guardian from an ancient line of demon fighters, and meeting Alex changed everything. His love for Alex resulted in his fall from heaven; and yet, the blond man seems to feel nothing but friendship for Kai's newly human form.

Then, Kai's past comes back to haunt him in the form of Lucifer, newly freed from Hell, uncovering an old prophecy and an ancient legacy which could prove to be their salvation or their end. Amidst the rumblings and warnings of Armageddon, why lose sleep over thoughts of Alex? And why was the man growling at Lucifer at every turn if he only wanted to be friends? Could it be jealousy?

Maybe love wasn't the key, maybe love would be his undoing...

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