Thursday, 26 January 2012

Watchtower Series, book 1: Over The Rainbow

I've decided to post randomly over the next months...bits and pieces of my upcoming books including stuff about projects that I am working on.

So for today, my own personal favourite series so far: Watchtower Series with the adorable cat Belze, Aidan - the reluctant warlock and James - High King and just too pretty for his own good with really, really terrible ideas about phrophecy and how to avoid certain doom.

Seriously...the guy would actually deserve if everything were to fall into hell all around him because his idea to keep everyone save and avoid a certain doomsday prophecy was to...uhm...I probably shouldn't say, right? Can't give away all of the plot before hand but needless to say, the idea comes back to bite him in the ass! *evil grin*

Anyway, here is a blurb:
(not yet offically edited so all mine):

Missing: Prophesized warlock to the King. Has anyone seen him? Please contact your nearest guard station if you do find him.

Aidan never knew he could do magic until a cat dared him to have sex. His life truly must be tragic if even felines knew he was too pathetic to find someone to share his bed with. Unfortunately for him, the cat turned out to be his familiar leading him not only to his First Time but also to King James who in turn refuses to let Aidan slip through his fingers again.

For there is a prophecy: James can only truly unit the lands and bring prosperity to all if he has his trusted warlock by his side. Roping Aidan into coming home with him wasn’t the happily ever after everyone had expected. Instead, it set in motion a chain of events which would lead both Aidan and James further away from home than they could have ever imagined.

Where dreams come true and things are taken quite literally!

(Foto purchased through istockphoto)

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