Friday, 6 January 2012

Betting On Love - Review

I have got another review for Betting On Love (fallenangelreview).

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Betting on Love

Betting on Love by Anna Marie May is the first book in the Betting on Love series.

Zach couldn't believe that he allowed his best friend Rick to talk him into a bet that he could seduce any guy of his choice, or that he'd be attracted to Len, his target. Len just arrived in town and can't believe Jordan, the bar owner, not only offers him a job as a mechanic, but also the room over the bar to live. Len's life hasn't taught him to trust, from first living with his guardian, then a series of foster homes after he woke up in a hospital with no memory of the first nine years of his life. Len sees the most attractive man in his life, Zach, and knows that the night is going to be lucky for him. Neither Len or Zach expected to have their minds blown away from the experience, or to wake up together like it was the most natural thing in the world. Zach invites Len to go riding with him and he seems to take to riding as if it's second nature to him. They run into his mother, Karen, who can't believe he brought a stranger riding with him and is convinced that she's met Len before, but that isn't impossible, is it? Will Len and Zach find common ground in spite of the drastic differences in their live? Is Len ever going to uncover his past?

I was intrigued and stunned by the plot twist in this story, as I never expected it. As Len's story unfolded, I was inspired by his strength to move beyond the trials of his childhood and on to building a life for himself. Zach never knew what hit him after meeting Len for the first time, but to his credit, he never looked back or questioned his feelings. It has to be a parent's worst nightmare to have a child abducted and one that luckily, I've never had to live through, but Karen's determination to help her friend Louisa find her son was stirring. It was remarkable how Len and Zach seemed to know things about each other that one normally wouldn't know about a stranger, making me wonder if there's more yet to be uncovered. This is one story that I will never forget!

Reviewed by: Teresa

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