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How To Get Started?

This is a blog entry for RJ Scott's anniversary blog hop! 

Congrats to RJ! 

My first book was released with dreamspinnerpress in 2010. But, how to get started? How do you cross that line from writing to submitting and then actually getting published?

First of all, I am not sure I should actually be giving any kind of advise because I mostly still feel as if I've got no clue as to what I am going. But I am not against sharing my thoughts, maybe those will actually be of use to someone else!

Before pressing the terrifying submit button, I've been thinking about submitting a MS for years. I think, you can't get into writing and not at some stage consider actually getting published. When I did, I lived in fear for about two months until I got my acceptance letter.

From what I've been told, this is rather atypical. My first book was accepted at my frist attempt and I am really, really proud of myself for that! Of course, I've encountered rejections since then but hey, who knows if I would've been able to actually get back up if I had been rejected straight away.

The thing you need to keep in mind is that writing is subjective. Think about the books you read for fun. You obviously love them, otherwise you wouldn't be reading them. But does your neighbour read them too and think the same? Your mother? Your sister or brother? Everyone likes different things and this is why it is so important to find a publisher that actually likes to publish the books you write.

A rejection also doesn't mean your book is bad. It just means it might not be a perfect fit for the publisher you have selected. This happened to me. The woman at the other end was kind enough to suggest a best selling fantasy author they publish so I could get to understand what they liked to published. This was really nice of her and I realized rather quickly why we wouldn't get along (publishing-wise). Their best selling books weren't books I actually enjoyed, so we were on a totally different plane.

Getting feedback of any kind, as long as it is constructive, helps along the learning curve. I am still a far cry away from where I hope one day to be but I can already tell that I learned a lot since 2010 (both when it comes to my own writing and how publishing works).

Now, I've got  bit to get started in regards to writing? For me, it is an idea. Take my latest releases, my Watchtower Series. The series features Belze, a talking cat, who dares our hero to have sex which leads to all kinds of adventures.

It all started when I was back home with a little, black cat coming over for a visit. Here, take a look:

Isn't she cheeky? Can't you just totally see her doing something like daring a perfect stranger to have sex? Maybe I've got a naughty imagination but that's the first impression the cat gave me. The rest kind of snowballed from there and wouldn't stop (meaning 2 books in the series published, 2 more to come later this year and another one in the works).

Now, for you to get started, it doesn't have to be a cat. It could be anything. Isn't that great? The important thing is to go with the flow and not let common sense tell you differently. Your muse is your muse, even if it is a cat, a frog, your handsome neighbour or just a beautiful landscape.

And then...just write...don't stop, just let it all flow. When you're done, avoid editing to death. Sure, you need to check it to make sure it is the best it can be, but don't sit on it until it is 'perfect' because it will never reach that stage. This is you being afraid. Take some courage and then hit the famous, evil submit button. LOL.

Anyway, this is some insight into how I got started and how my mind works. How does your mind work? Feel free to share if you like...

I hope some of you dear readers will find this post helpful. Don't forget, this is a blog hop.

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