Sunday, 30 October 2011

More Happy Halloween!

I posted earlier a little intro into what I've got coming up (here). This was posted to whipped cream. The post is here.

I wanted to share some blurbs now of my three upcoming books. One is due on 2nd of November, so quite soon.

Betting On Love:

Accepting a bet to seduce any guy his best friend chooses puts Zach McKinney in the path of Len Marshall. Smitten at first sight, Zach forgets all about the bet and falls madly in love until Len's forgotten past catches up with them, putting them both in danger.

For Len Marshall, meeting Zach was something akin to destiny. It not only brought love into his life, but made him feel like he has a home. The new relationship, though, is overshadowed by a past that Len has blocked from his memory and by certain individuals who want to make sure those memories stay buried forever. Can love built on shadows last the test of time? Or will their happiness be destroyed by the same men who took Len's life away all those years ago? Because this time, they're out for blood.

My other two stories are going to be released in 2012.

Being Human (Fallen Angel Series):

Being (almost) human after his forced fall from heaven isn’t quite turning out how Kai had pictured it. Still, there are perks. Like seeing Alex naked and for the first time, being able to appreciate his friend’s fine body.

But his newly found attraction is honestly the least of Kai’s worries. There is Lucifer, an old friend, who is free for the first time in Millennia and out to get reacquainted. And on top of everything, the world is about to spiral out of control with the forces of good clashing with evil. But here’s the tricky thing: how do you decide what is truly evil?

Ancient prophecies, cryptic archangels and really, is it any wonder Kai feels totally overwhelmed by the simple task of making a sandwich? Can the newly formed love between Kai and Alex really conquer all? Or will their feelings doom not only them but the rest of the world along with them…

Over The Rainbow (Watchtower Series):

Missing: Prophesized warlock to the King. Has anyone seen him? Please contact your nearest guard station if you do find him.

Aidan never knew he could do magic until a cat dared him to have sex. His life truly must be tragic if even felines knew he was too pathetic to find someone to share his bed with. Unfortunately for him, the cat turned out to be his familiar leading him not only to his First Time but also to King James who in turn refuses to let Aidan slip through his fingers again.

For there is a prophecy: James can only truly unit the lands and bring prosperity to all if he has his trusted warlock by his side. Roping Aidan into coming home with wasn’t the happily ever after everyone had expected. Instead, it set in motion a chain of events which would lead both Aidan and James further away from home
than they could have ever imagined.

(The last two blurbs haven't been edited yet so any errors are unfortunately all mine!)

If you want to keep updated on the progress of the last two stories, you can do so by visiting my website ( or by visiting my blog.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Oh and meet Belze! The cat who dared Aidean to get laid:

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